Part Two:

Digital: Title appears on the bombed out doorway of a building at night

Digital: Girl 1 is projected onto the coat.


Girl 2 drags Girl 1 (the coat) into the safety of a derelict doorway

Sound: Helicopters and sniper fire.

She takes a selfie with Girl 1on the phone.

So that the world knows what is happening here.  You cannot silence me. You cage us in, humiliate us, but it is you who live in a prison least we know what we want, your are only concerned about losing, fearful of everything. We do not live in fear however much you terrorise us…we know who we are and we know we are not as you say. One day you will have to risk, we will have to talk, we will all have to trust, you will have to talk to the ‘terrorists’, recognise the freedom fighters, realize we are you? speak,  to trust …but until that day…I need to get out…you are my enemy..I need to be you.

She gives Girl 1 sips of water

Don’t you know there are snipers on every corner? Just because you have only see it on the TV doesn’t mean it’s not true…look at us…we are in real trouble here…

She finds an empty crisp packet in G 1’s pocket turns it inside out and licks it

…we are in the Hot House now…when your loyalist soldiers will torch everything before they leave… a leaving present for us…. so that we can’t use anything left behind…drive us out into the open… bad losers, huh?... Bastards…and then their big friends will bomb us from above…how does it feel to be a legitimate target?… …. I should stick my fist in this wound up to the wrist….but I don’t have the strength…I won’t spit on you…I have seen enough pain…are you having a good time? you see what it’s like for us…what were you doing wandering around… you think you are invincible? This is what happens when you turn your face from the truth….stay with me

she slaps her face

…what a mess (she tries to stop the blood with her scarf). You are bleeding out. I can’t help you. We have nothing here thanks to your medicines, nothing.